Little Sheep Brossard is located at KimPhat Square in Brossard downtown. Conveniently residing at he north-south transportation hub on the 10th and 30th Highway junction point, close to Champlain Bridge and South Bank area.

KFC Owner Leads Little Sheep to Greener Pastures

KFC owner Yum! Brands 鈥� which also owns quick-serve restaurant brands Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver鈥檚 and A&W 鈥� is about to get itself a major footprint in the largest marketplace in the world: China.

According to the Louisville, KY, Courier-Journal, the locally-based Yum! is about to acquire Little Sheep, a Mongolian hot pot eatery that has 700 locations in China, for $860 million.

Yum currently operates 38,000 stores worldwide, but the company is hoping to add a lot more as it expands Little Sheep (which has seven US restaurants, with New York City launching “soon”) globally.

鈥淐hinese food is popular all over the world. Outside the US there is not a chain of restaurants that does that well,鈥� Micky Pant, president of Yum! Brands International, recently said, the paper reports. 鈥淵um will work with Little Sheep to explore effective ways of introducing the hot-pot concept and the Little Sheep brand to a wider global audience.鈥�

Yum plans to expand its brand presence in China fourfold to 20,000 restaurants, with most of them being KFCs, the paper notes; there are currently about 3,000 in 650 cities with a new one opening just about every day. That kind of presence has allowed Yum to get about 65 percent of its profit from sales in China, according to the Courier Post.

Indeed, the company鈥檚 site positions China as a top priority:

At Yum! we鈥檙e building a vibrant global business by focusing on four key business strategies: Build leading brands across China in every significant category; Drive aggressive international expansion and build strong brands everywhere; Dramatically improve U.S. brand positions, consistency and returns; Drive industry-leading, long-term shareholder and franchisee value.

Mark Kalinowski, a restaurant industry analyst with Janney Montgomery Scott, tells the Courier-Journal that Yum is sometimes referred to on Wall Street as the 鈥淐hinese restaurant company headquartered in Kentucky.鈥�

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